Our mission is to cultivate the career development of a diverse laboratory-based physician-scientist community at UCSF, supporting trainees from the start of post-graduate training to full independence as principal investigators

Support and Promote

Our program is a collaboration between the Departments of Medicine, Pediatrics, and Neurology. Established in 2021, the program is designed to support and promote laboratory-based physician-scientist trainees in the residency, fellowship, and junior faculty stages. Our three main focus areas are (1) building a diverse and successful physician-scientist community, (2) providing training and mentorship specific to the laboratory-based physician-scientist career path, and (3) opportunities for career growth. We plan to create a centralized set of resources for physician-scientist trainees, hold regular career development, networking, and other mentoring events for the laboratory-based physician-scientist community, but also to increase visibility, transparency, and support for this challenging but incredibly rewarding career path.

Confidential Consultations Available 

Has a significant issue arisen in your scientific or professional life as a laboratory based physician-scientist? Would you benefit from speaking with someone other than your primary mentor or other career mentors? If so, you can request a one-time confidential consult with one of the PSCDP leadership team members.

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Career Mentoring Options

Physician-Scientist Mentoring Committee.  PSCDP organizes mentoring committees for ongoing career guidance for laboratory-based physician-scientists in Medicine, Neurology, or Pediatrics during the residency, fellowship and/or junior faculty period. If you are interested in accessing this service, please indicate your interest to be placed on a waiting list. 

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